ClimMobTools: API Client for the ‘ClimMob’ platform in R


ClimMobTools the API Client for the ‘ClimMob’ platform in R. ClimMob is an open source software for crowdsourcing citizen science in agriculture. Developed by van Etten et al. (2019) for the rapid assessment of on-farm evaluation trails in small-scale agriculture. Tricot turns the research paradigm on its head; instead of a few researchers designing complicated trials to compare several technologies in search of the best solutions, it enables many farmers to carry out reasonably simple experiments that taken together can offer even more information.


The package may be installed from CRAN via


The development version can be installed via

install_github("agrdatasci/ClimMobTools", build_vignettes = TRUE)

Going further

The full functionality of ClimMobTools is illustrated in the package vignette. The vignette can be found on the package website or from within R once the package has been installed, e.g. via

vignette("Overview", package = "ClimMobTools")